NESAF Grants are awarded periodically through an application and evaluation process. Society of American Foresters Chapters, Divisions and Societies are eligible to apply for special project grants from several sources both locally and nationally. Additionally, the New England SAF provides local grant monies to divisions of SAF within New England from funds specifically designated for that purpose. The NESAF Grants program is funded by the accumulated interest derived from the investment of income from the 1995 Portland, Maine National Convention. 

The NESAF Grants Program will fund approved projects developed for the following purposes: 

  • To educate NESAF’s many publics about professional forestry, and,
  • To advance the role of the profession in society by promoting the role of foresters in forest resource management

Awarded Grants 2018

ProjectRegional Leadership Academy
Requesting Organization: NESAF
Project Coordinator: Kenneth M. Laustsen
Expected Date of Completion: December, 2018
Funding: $2100 approved at the January 16, 2018 E.C. meeting

Project: Using Geospatial Analysis to Map Forest Change in New Hampshire
Requesting Organization: Granite State Division
Project Coordinator: Dr. Andrew F. Howard, Science & Technology Chair, Granite State Division
Expected Completion: May 2019
Funding: $4500, approval letter dated June 22, 2018

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To contact NESAF, please email the appropriate member of our leadership team. General questions can be directed to our Chair or the website administrator.


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