GSD Student Incentives Fund and Grant Program

New Hampshire members have identified student support as a priority for the success of SAF and the profession. We provide this support by awarding three $1,000 student scholarships and reduced rates at professional meetings and workshops. Granite State SAF’s financial support for student registration can be as high as $500 for the winter meeting alone. We also extend our support of students for registrations to NESAF and National meetings.

The forestry internship grant gives forestry companies, based in New Hampshire, an incentive to offer summer jobs to current or recently graduated forestry students. This initiative has the potential to jump-start a young forester’s career. This grant program is supported by our Student Incentives Fund.

Donations to this fund may be made as a single one-time payment or as a longer term annual commitment. Donations will be held in a dedicated Student Incentives Fund to be used exclusively for these purposes. We will recognize those individuals and businesses that have contributed at the annual winter meeting. All donations are tax deductible. For contributions to this fund, please contact the GSD Treasurer.

Student Intern Grant

Purpose:       To financially assist New Hampshire forestry businesses or other entities (non-profit or for profit) to hire a student intern so that the student would receive needed experience in their chosen field. The Grant amount is a $1000 matching grant given to each of three entities, or less than three entities with grants totaling $3000 if less than three applications are received.

Eligibility:       New Hampshire businesses or other entities where forestry related work is the prime focus of the intern’s work. Owner, forest manager or a staff member must be a member of the Granite State Division – Society of American Foresters. Intern must be enrolled in or a recent graduate of a 2 year, 4 year or graduate SAF accredited program majoring in forestry or a forestry related program. 

Process to apply: Send a letter of intent to the GSD Executive Committee via e-mail to the Treasurer by April 15. The letter should contain the following:

  • Proposed length of employment
  • Type of experience proposed for the intern by percent of time for the items listed under Selection Criteria below.

GSD-SAF will send information about this grant program to UNH to inform students. Businesses will be responsible for hiring the intern of their choice, which may be from any SAF accredited program, and will also be responsible for payroll expenses including taxes and worker’s compensation insurance. At the end of the internship, the business will submit a letter describing the length of employment, experience gained by the intern and a confirmation that a minimum of the grant amount plus a matching amount was spent on the intern for either payroll or training. The grant amount will be sent to the business at that time. 

Selection Criteria:       GSD/SAF will consider length of employment and core experience provided as part of the selection process, recognizing the differences between 2 year, 4 year and graduate programs. Higher consideration will be given to core forestry related functions such as:   

  • Forest management planning/Silvicultural prescription preparation
  • Timber cruising/inventory
  • GPS/GIS data collection
  • Timber Marking
  • Timber Sale Layout and Preparation
  • Boundary maintenance
  • Forest Research
  • Land Surveying

List any other type of work experience proposed.

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