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Maine Division documents can be downloaded from the table below.

  • Executive Committee Minutes
  • Division Chair Letters
  • Annual Business Meeting Minutes
  • Harvest Practices Task Force Info
  • MESAF Policy Docs


FileDescriptionFile size
pdf MESAF Executive Committee Meeting Minutes - January 21, 2021133 KB
pdf Maine Division Chair Letter December 2020LEA443 KB
pdf Maine Division Chair Letter September 2020Final348 KB
pdf Maine Division Chair Letter May 2020 v.4Final384 KB
pdf 2020_Maine_Bylaws170 KB
pdf MESAF_Comment_Maine_TandE_Species_List MESAF Comment Maine TandE Species List
72 KB
pdf Protecting_Endangered_Species_Habitat_on_Private_Land Protecting Endangered Species Habitat on Private Land
245 KB
pdf Biological_Diversity_in_Forest_Ecosystems Biological Diversity in Forest Ecosystems
246 KB
pdf NLEB Letter to USFWS New England, Allegheny, New York Letter
249 KB
pdf MESAF Bylaws_June_2008_Revision_Signed Current MESAF Bylaws, adopted June 1, 2008
562 KB
pdf Maine_Harvest_Classification_System-FINAL_report-Jan2007176 KB
pdf Testimony on LD 1347--281 KB
pdf Forestry Practices - Goals and Standards2 MB
pdf Maine Forest Review - Volume 11-19771 MB
pdf Maine Forest Review - Volume 7-19742 MB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSep30_20197 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSep21_20 CLR edits289 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJun17_20382 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr15_20325 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb26_20217 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan10_20228 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov12_19298 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul12_19209 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJun20_19214 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJun14_19213 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMay17_19201 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr1_19222 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb8_19213 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan4_19222 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesOct30_18204 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJun12_18208 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul9_18210 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan12_18215 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr6_18213 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb10_17221 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr28_17228 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov10_17Rev332 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul21_17208 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov9_16199 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb22_16whl_krisLEA_KML Edits480 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr1_16438 KB
pdf 2016.09.02 MESAF Exec Comm Minutes_KML Edits234 KB
pdf 2016.07.22 MESAF Exec Comm Minutes_KML Edits399 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul17_15_KML Edits_JEL_LEA262 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb20_15_KML Edits276 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesDec4_15250 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesAug28_15254 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr17_15_KML Edits258 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSep5_14_KML Edits269 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov7_14254 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul18_14_KML Edits351 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb14_14254 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr11_14336 KB
pdf Biological_Diversity_in_Forest_Ecosystems246 KB
pdf fall_chair_letter_2014_fmt_v3_final46 KB
pdf Protecting_Endangered_Species_Habitat_on_Private_Land245 KB
pdf NLEB Letter to USFWS249 KB
pdf MESAF_Comment_Maine_TandE_Species_List72 KB
pdf mesaf_Busminutes_15Oct13_revised11April14250 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSep13_1380 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov15_1367 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul19_1375 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb15_13_KML Edits69 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesAug9_1372 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr19_13Amended73 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov16_12_KML Edits74 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMar9_1279 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJuly20_12LEA89 KB
pdf Maine Division Minutes 31Aug1128 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMay6_1170 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJul15_1183 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb4_1175 KB
pdf 2011_MESAF_SFMA_BSPedits_2011May24117 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov15_1037 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMar19_1049 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan25_1054 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb4_110 B
pdf ExecCommMinutesAug2_1057 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr26_1051 KB
pdf MESAF Bylaws_June_2008_Revision_Signed562 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov20_0931 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan23_09_KML Edits65 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFEb27_0982 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesAug3_0952 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr3_0973 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSep5_0844 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMar28_08_KML Edits72 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJun10_0846 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan11_0854 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMar1_0741 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJune7_0739 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesFeb6_07_KML Edits72 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesAug27_0744 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJune 14_0651 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan12_06 Seymour edits81 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesDec7_0657 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSept14_0641 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesMarch 21_0652 KB
pdf Maine Division Minutes 06_09_0516 KB
pdf Maine Division Minutes 02_15_0522 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesSept12_0552 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesNov21_0552 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan5_0566 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApril 12_0540 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJun14_0431 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesJan27_0417 KB
pdf ExecCommMinutesApr6_0463 KB
pdf Final2013FallMtgFlyerSep14_13167 KB
pdf AnnBusmesaf_minutes_11Oct11126 KB
pdf saf101508_feb25AnnMtg33 KB
pdf mesaf_Business_minutes_19Oct1093 KB
pdf mesafBusMtgMinutes101309_22Jan1023 KB
pdf Maine Division Chair Letter May 2020 v.4Final384 KB
pdf SeptChairLetterKatieSep15_201159 KB
pdf MESAF_Chair_Letter_Spring_2014Apr14_1458 KB
pdf MESAF Chair Letter Fall 2013_Revised 0911201387 KB
pdf MESAF Chair Fall 2008 ltr HW52 KB
pdf katiechairletterfall2012Final60 KB
pdf May 2018 Chair Letter104 KB
pdf Fall2018 Chair Letter Sep11_18106 KB
pdf ChairLtrSept11_2005LEA52 KB
pdf chair letter spring 2019 v3212 KB
pdf ChairLetterJune1137 KB
pdf ChairLetterApr2010LEA59 KB
pdf Chair Letter_20Sept200442 KB
pdf Chair LetterSept12 2006104 KB
pdf Chair LetterMay201255 KB
pdf Chair Letter Spring 2013106 KB
pdf Chair Letter Sept 2006 _1_67 KB
pdf Chair Letter HWApr19_0878 KB
pdf Chair letter September 20100 B
pdf Chair Letter Fall 2007Sep10_0754 KB
pdf Chair Letter August 200980 KB
pdf Chair Letter April_2004Kenny17 KB
pdf Chair Letter April 200962 KB
pdf 2017MayChairLetter445 KB
pdf Chair Letter Apr14_200748 KB
pdf 2017AugustchairletterV2133 KB
pdf MESAF Bylaws_June_2008_Revision_Signed562 KB
pdf MESAF Bylaws Active Sept7_0658 KB
pdf MESAF Bylaws SignedFeb6_07203 KB

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