Maine Meetings Archive

Downloads from past MESAF Field Tours and Fall Meetings are archived below.


FileDescriptionFile size
2019 Fall Meeting Forest Certification: Its Legacy and Future in Maine846 KB
2019 Tour 3 Managing Your Woodlot for Ash with the Emerald Ash Borer on Our Doorstep325 KB
2019 Tour 2 Big Reed Forest Preserve73 KB
2019 Tour 1 Road to the Mill, Fish Passage Improvements and Tour of Woodland Tissue Facility147 KB
2018 Field Tour 3 Beech Mgt311 KB
2018 Field Tour 2 White Pine Silv Forest Health225 KB
2018 Field Tour 1 Foretst Mgt on Coastal Islands245 KB
2018 Fall Mtg Future of Forestry in Maine408 KB
2017 NESAF Meeting Bangor_Adapt Adopt Advance Resiliency in Nat Resource Mgt2 MB
2017 Field Tour 3 Chestnut192 KB
2017 Field Tour 2 QGIS430 KB
2017 Field Tour 1 CommThinning378 KB
2017 Fall Mtg TGTL_Chestnut192 KB
2016 Field Tour 2 Hardwood Silv460 KB
2016 Field Tour 3 Small Woodlot Mgt76 KB
2016 Fall Mtg Up to the Minute Reports on Forest Industry426 KB
2016 Field Tour 1 MillTours99 KB
2015 Field Tour 4 Cedar Mgt New Findings521 KB
2015 Field Tour 3 Cooperative Forest restoration Wells Demo337 KB
2015 Field Tour 1 Rehab Silv for Small Woodltos517 KB
2015 Field Tour 2 Hemlock Mgt437 KB
2015 Fall Mtg Maine_s New Economy Our Forested Future518 KB
2014 Field Tour 5 Succession Planning584 KB
2014 Field Tour 3 Hemlock Wooly Adelgid387 KB
2014 Field Tour 4 Extreme Single Tree Selection August Water385 KB
2014 Field Tour 2 SFMA Tornado Salvage408 KB
2014 Field Tour 1 Forester for the Birds Guild Cosponsor186 KB
2013 NESAF Field Meeting Bethel1 MB
2014 Fall Mtg Flyer Multiple Topics599 KB
2013 Field Tour 2 Island Logging577 KB
2013 Field Tour 1 Cedar Mgt436 KB
2012 Field Tour 4 Small Woodlot356 KB
2012 Field Tour 3 Rehab Silv381 KB
2012 Field Tour 2 Piscataquis County512 KB
2012 Field Tour 1 Fish Passage524 KB
2012 Fall Mtg Flyer Forestry Innovation695 KB
2011 Field Tour 3 Wildlife Mgt Dartmouth576 KB
2011 Field Tour 2 Agenda Rehab Silv154 KB
2011 Fall Mtg Flyer International Perspectives773 KB
2011 Field Tour 1 SFMA82 KB
2010 Field Tour 3 Flyer NIPF532 KB
2010 Field Tour 2 Flyer Tech478 KB
2010 Field Tour 1 Vernal Pools480 KB
2010 Fall MtgFlyer Collaboration489 KB
2009 Spring Tour278 KB
2009 Spring Tour 1281 KB
2009 Fall Mtg FlyerAug28_09566 KB
2008 Field Tour 3143 KB
2008 Fall MtgFlyerSep20250 KB
2008 FIeld Tour 2 Agenda150 KB
2008 Field Tour 1 EvalResults82 KB
2007 Spring Tour Eval Results140 KB
2007 Fall MtgCompleteFlyerSep13322 KB
2006 Spring Flyer228 KB
2006 Fall Meeting263 KB
2005 Fall Mtg Eval Results308 KB
2004 Spring Tour Flyer296 KB
2004 Fall Meeting387 KB
2003 Spring Tour Agenda106 KB
2003 Fall Meeting Agendaa129 KB
2002 Spring Flyer143 KB

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