Forest Science Coordinator & Working Groups

The New England Society of American Foresters (NESAF) appoints a Forest Science Coordinator (FSC), whose mission is to provide NESAF with an effective means for the development, dissemination, and use of forest sciences. The goals of the FSC, with the involvement of working groups, are to provide leadership in NESAF’s science programs by:

  1. Helping working groups achieve their objectives in the dissemination and use of forest science;
  2. Providing the NESAF Executive Committee with information and opinion on current and emerging science and technology issues, the adequacy of the science base of draft policies and position statements, the development and review of science communications, and other science matters;
  3. Provide NESAF with assistance to help strengthen the science base of their programs and activities;
  4. Providing the Division and Chapter society levels with information or assistance on science and technology matters;
  5. Assisting with the science and technology content of the NESAF Winter Meeting program in the planning of plenary sessions, technical sessions, poster sessions, and applied forestry field trips;
  6. Heading of special projects;
  7. Serve on the NESAF “News Quarterly” ad hoc editorial board, assisting in the solicitation, review, and incorporation of “theme-based” content articles; and
  8. Serve as a voting member of the NESAF Executive Committee.

Working groups help to develop, disseminate, and use the forest sciences to provide leadership in NESAF’s science programs. The following working groups are currently active in the NESAF region. 

Click on the name of a working group chair to contact that person via email. If you are interested in filling one of the vacancies, contact Forest Science Coordinator, Tony D’Amato.

A-Resources Measurements Chair: Aaron Weiskittel
A2-Remote Sensing
A4-Geographic Information Systems

B-Forestry Systems Chair: Joe Orefice
B1-Nonindustrial Private Forestry
B2-Urban and Community Forestry
B3-International Forestry

C-Ecology and Biology Chair: Jared Nunery 
C1-Forest Ecology
C3-Water Resources
C5-Wildlife and Fish Ecology

D-Management and Utilization Chair: Bennet Leon
D1-Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement
D3-Forest Production and Utilization
D5-Forest Pathology and Entomology

E-Decision Sciences Chair: Mindy Crandall
E1-Economics, Policy and Law
E2-Land Use Planning
E4-Management Science and Operations
E5-Technology Assessment and Future Analysis
E6-Sustainability and Forest Certification

F-Social and Related Sciences Chair: vacant
F1-Wilderness Management
F3-Education and Communication
F4-Human Resources
F5-Philosophy and History

Working Group Chairs last updated: 1/20/2017

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