Research Association IV (Forestry Specialist) – Warwick, Rhode Island

Research Association IV (Forestry Specialist)
University of Rhode Island
Warwick, Rhode Island

Support a collaborative forestry program of the University of Rhode Island (URI) the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the RI Resource Conservation and Development Council. Work as a member of the NRCS Resource Team, based in the NRCS Warwick State Office. Serve as a Forestry subject matter expert and provide training and technical assistance to NRCS field staff.

Assist with reviews of the qualifications of NRCS employees to plan, implement, and certify forestry conservation practices, as requested by the NRCS Work Leader, and recommend Ecological Sciences Job Approval Authority job classes to the NRCS State Resource Conservationist.

Assist with the preparation of procedures to incorporate Forest Stewardship Plans, NRCS Conservation Activity Plans for forestry (CAP-106), and other accepted types of forest management plans for NRCS clients, where appropriate.

Assist with annual reviews of the NRCS forestry and agroforestry Conservation Practices Standards and Specifications.

As requested by the NRCS Work Leader, perform quality reviews of CAP-106 forest management plans prepared by Technical Support Providers (TSP) and other types of forest management plans as applicable.

Serve as a member of the NRCS Rhode Island State Technical Committee. Assist the Forestry & Wildlife Subcommittee to identify strategies for improved forest health, expanded outreach and education, and planning demonstration projects and symposiums. Establish and maintain contacts and cooperative working relations with federal, state and local agencies, private organizations, and colleges and universities to gain support and understanding in mutual programs and exchange up-to-date technical information in forestry and recreation issues. Coordinate with regional forest landscape conservation initiatives.

Assist with Quality Assurance Reviews for NRCS activities in forestry, agroforestry, windbreaks and wildlife, including reviews for the adequacy of conservation planning, conservation practice design and installation, methods of assessment and evaluation, compliance with environmental laws, compliance with NRCS policy, and compliance with NRCS program requirements. Inspect and evaluate resource conservation planning and practice application performed by field personnel and others, and provide technical guidance to foresters, soil conservationists and others engaged in resource conservation planning on forestland.

Perform other related duties as assigned, including strategic and annual business planning, progress reporting, and other special assignments. Present papers and talks to various groups, including professional organizations, and respond to inquiries from the public related to forest resources and NRCS programs. Provide forestry support to NRCS partners.

REQUIRED: Master’s or doctoral degree in forestry; Minimum of five years of professional forestry experience (including two years of professional forestry experience in the United States); Demonstrated experience in preparing forest management plans as an author or co-author; Demonstrated familiarity with northeastern ecosystems and associated management techniques; Demonstrated knowledge of USDA/NRCS programs to support private forest owners; Demonstrated knowledge of computer hardware and software, including GIS; Demonstrated strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills; Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills; and, Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.

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