Management Forestry Program Director – Amherst, MA

Management Forestry Program Director
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation – Bureau of Forestry
Amherst, MA

The Management Forestry Program Director oversees the State Public Lands Management Forestry Program by developing relationships with program constituents, overseeing forest management activities on state lands within DCR’s Division of State Parks and Forests, maintaining policies and procedures, developing performance measures, providing fiscal oversight, reporting to DCR senior staff on program performance, coordinating events and training programs and attending, on behalf of the state, relevant workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences related to state lands management. The Management Forestry Program Director is the statewide forestry spokesperson for DCR’s Division of State Parks and Forests.

1) Monitor, assess and manage the Commonwealth’s forests in a sustainable, exemplary manner.
2) Provide direction and oversight to silviculture implemented on DCR’s State Forests, Parks and Reservations
3) Approve staff drafted timber sale contract/permits and MA Chapter 132 Forest Cutting Plans; serve as signatory and arbiter of forestry aspects of the timber sale contract/permit and cutting plans
4) Develops, implements, and monitors the policies and operational procedures relating to forest management on state lands.
5) Develops, implements, and monitors standards for maps, boundaries, roads, visual aesthetics, and habitat management.
6) Oversee the preparation and editing of Forest Resource Management Plans and the review of the Landscape Designations for DCR Parks and Forests; Selection Criteria and Management Guidelines
7) Conduct public outreach for State Lands Management. Work independently and with staff on interpretive/educational messaging about forest management
8) Help contribute to the redraft of the state’s Forest Action Plan.
Assist Director with Bureau/DCR meetings
9) Work with GIS/Inventory Forester and Information Technology (IT) on continued improvements to forestry databases and forestry information systems
10) Coordinate forest monitoring on stand level and landscape level with staff GIS/Inventory Forester using modern stand exam techniques, remote sensing and Continuous Forest Inventory
11)Help coordinate forest studies on DCR properties
12)Reach out to constituents to raise awareness of the program and increase participation based upon evaluated constituent needs.
13)Develop program performance measures, maintain program records and annually evaluate and report to the state and federal government on program progress and future direction.
14) Supervise administrative tasks of the Management Forestry Program staff.
15) Fiscal Oversight: Manage and administer the budget for Capital Forestry Programs.
16) General Program Execution: Organize, arrange for and present speeches, lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences and training sessions relative to the state lands forest management program; Prepare and distribute newsletters and information relative to program events and correspond with stakeholders, committees and organizations state-wide.
17) Attend local, state, regional and national meetings and conferences relevant to public lands management.
18) Perform all related duties as assigned

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