2022 Green Mountain Division Officer Candidates

Bill Musson – candidate for Vice-Chair

Bill has been working in forestry, ecological restoration, and logging for several years and is currently a licensed consulting forester with Redstart, based in Corinth. He graduated from Paul Smith’s College with a BS in Forestry, serving as the President of the SAF student chapter while there, and has remained a member since. Bill enjoys collaborating with landowners, loggers, and other natural resource managers to get meaningful work done. He is interested in engaging in difficult and important conversations around how to balance multiple objectives and values, particularly those involving carbon and timber harvesting. He believes education and outreach are crucial components of practicing forestry and looks for ways to engage with all sorts of people. He lives in East Orange.

Sarah Ford – candidate for Treasurer

Sarah is Forest Carbon Works’ New England Regional Forester, providing forestry services throughout the Northeast and assisting with carbon project origination through landowner engagement and outreach. Based out of Stowe, Vermont, Sarah has been working in forestry and natural resources for more than 15 years. This includes work as a consulting forester in Vermont, conservation program manager out west, and forestry field positions throughout the Northeast prior to her current position at Forest Carbon Works. 

Virginia (Ginger) Anderson – candidate for Secretary

Virginia (Ginger) graduated from the University of Vermont in 1979.  She joined SAF as a student member while at UVM.  Ginger spent 8 years with the US Forest Service in the Pacific Northwest and Utah working on presale/timber sale activities.  While in the West she also worked for Atterbury Consultants and for the Makah Tribal Council before returning to Vermont.

Ginger worked for the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation from 1990-2019.  She retired from the Barre District Office as Forestry District Manager.

Ginger lives in Berlin, Vermont with her husband Stephen Bushman.  They have two grown daughters.

Peter Clark – candidate for Policy Chair

Pete is an applied forest ecologist interested in forest management and policy related to global change adaptation and mitigation. He is currently a postdoctoral associate in the Forestry Program at the University of Vermont and a research fellow with the U.S.G.S. Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center. Prior, Pete worked as a research assistant at Harvard Forest and later received a PhD in Natural Resources from UVM where he also instructed forestry and ecology courses and mentored undergraduate forestry field technicians. He has been a member of the New England – Green Mountain Division of SAF for six years and is enthusiastic to support the Division’s efforts as Policy Chair.

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