Christmas Tree Farm Manager

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests seeks an experienced, enthusiastic, and motivated individual for the position of Christmas Tree Farm Manager. This is a full time position, based at The Rocks in Bethlehem, NH. The Rocks is the North Country Conservation and Education Center of the Forest Society. The landmark 1,400-acre property includes numerous buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers Agri- and Eco-tourism opportunities throughout the year.

The Christmas tree farmer (farm manager) is responsible for running the Forest Society’s 32,000-tree Christmas tree farm operation at The Rocks in Bethlehem, NH. Since 1989, this relatively large tree farm has been a successful retail and wholesale Christmas tree farm. The Rocks is an iconic part of the community serving as the Forest Society’s North Country hub for community engagement through recreation, educational programming, and tourism centered around this scenic tree farm and historic estate. 

The primary responsibility of the farm manger will be to ensure successful planting, cultivation, sales and operations of the tree farm. The farm manager’s focus will be to work with seasonal staff to ensure all aspects of the Christmas tree operation are implemented. This position will also oversee property, trail and equipment maintenance at The Rocks, while also being responsible for the day-to-day fieldwork in all four seasons. This person will also hire, train, and supervise all seasonal farm staff and be responsible for managing the tree farm budget.

The tree farm manager is also responsible for general oversight of the 1,500-acre Rocks property which hosts several miles of recreational trails and the buildings that serve as the hub of the Forest Society’s north country operations.  The farm manager will work with other north country staff and lands team staff as time allows to accomplish stewardship goals at The Rocks and other nearby north country properties.

This individual will represent the Forest Society on Christmas tree and farm organizations such as the  Christmas Tree Growers Association and attend regional conferences. Good communication skills and the ability to interact with people positively are vital.  The position is full time, year-round with more hours needed during peak seasons such as tree planting, tree shearing, tree harvesting, and Christmas season sales.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Carry out operations for the Christmas tree farm, including planting, spraying (requires license), tree shearing, fertilizing, tree harvesting, mowing, and Christmas tree stump removal
  • Responsible for all wholesale and retail Christmas tree and wreath sales
  • Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training and overseeing seasonal staff
  • Hire and manage contractors when necessary
  • Responsible for the preparation and management of the Christmas tree farm budget
  • Responsible for the timely deposits of all cash receipts related to sales at the Christmas tree farm
  • Represent the Forest Society’s membership in National Christmas Tree Association, and the NH/VT Christmas Tree Association, including attendance of local meetings.
  • Repair and maintain grounds equipment: tractors, mowers, ATV utility trailers, saws, & trimmers
  • Manage day-to-day seasonal campus maintenance; lawns, driveway, parking lot and roads
  • Coordinate with North Country Campus staff to facilitate educational programming which may entail tasks like driving the tractor and trailer during maple tours and other programming needs
  • Wild apple tree pruning in early spring at The Rocks and other north country forest reservations
  • Maintain, repair and replace property signage as needed.
  • Attend staff and lands team meetings in person when possible, keeping the larger staff informed of program activities for the Christmas tree operation. 
  • Collaborate with the Forest Society lands team to help with forest and recreation management of The Rocks and other north country properties
  • Manage the invoicing of, and payment from, local inns and hotels for activities related to the Christmas tree farm


This position is primarily responsible for managing the Christmas tree farm operation as a core Forest Society program. This person will be responsible for the successful cultivating, planting, and harvesting of our Christmas trees.  This includes the hiring and supervising of necessary staff and volunteers and providing a safe and productive workplace environment.  Additionally, this position plays a key role, in working with other north country staff to ensure a positive experience for visitors to the Rocks and to maintain The Rocks relationships as community ambassadors to the north country.  The position is also responsible for year-round maintenance of The Rocks and Bretzfelder Park properties, and assists the Forest Society’s lands team in maintaining other Forest Society properties in the area. The successful candidate will foster a profitable and sustainable tree farm business.  

Qualifications and Skills required:

The Christmas tree farm manager should have experience with Christmas tree cultivation or agriculture and a minimum of 2-3 years of experience with hiring, training and supervising others.  An education of a two-year associates degree or equivalent is preferred.  A degree with program focus in arboriculture, agriculture, or horticulture is preferred.

For More Information and How to Apply:

This position will remain open until filled. Please visit our website for more details and how to apply.

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