Maine Division SAF 2022 Annual Meeting – Urban & Community Forestry


Oct 17, 2022
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The interface between society and forestry often occurs nearest to where people live. Community and Urban forestry are rapidly growing sectors of the forestry profession. Town forests, land trusts, and utility Rights of Way are often where people are getting their first and possibly only exposure to the forestry profession. As previous SAF topics have pointed out, people are often the focus of many forestry topics, not just the forests themselves. This year SAF is exploring these areas for opportunities to educate ourselves and our communities about forestry.

8:00-9:00          MESAF annual business meeting

9:00-9:20          Break

9:20-9:30          Awards & Recognition

Join us in celebrating Maine SAF members who have earned New England SAF honors, bestow membership and service recognition, and thank our MESAF executive committee.

9:30-10:00        Keynote – Patty Cormier, Director Maine Forest Service

10:00-11:30      Community Forestry Panel                    Moderator: Katie Manende Hall

What challenges and opportunities are there in managing forests, specifically community benefit?

Speakers: Jesse Duplin, Paul Larrivee, David Montague, Sarah Robinson – Consulting Foresters working for Land Trusts and Water Districts, and Piscatiquis County Soil and Water Conservation Districts

11:30-12:00      Welcoming Dean Rowland

12:00- 1:00       Lunch

1:00-1:45          Urban Trees/Project Canopy                 Moderator: Kyle Burdick

Project Canopy is about people. It educates people about the benefits trees provide, and how trees make people’s lives better.

Speakers:  Jan Santerre  

1:45-2:00          Break

2:00-3:30          Utilities Panel                                       Moderator: Jason Mclellan

                        Proper tree care and management around utilities are crucial to providing safe and reliable power to customers in the State of Maine. Many utilities have dedicated tree maintenance programs in order to properly prune and remove trees that are at risk of failure. Balancing customers’ concerns regarding street tree aesthetics, storm events, climate change, and tree pests and diseases are some of the components that utility foresters and arborists discuss and plan for daily.

                        Speakers: Hank Kay, Katie Manende Hall, Katie Yates

3:30- 3:45         Wrap up and Adjourn (Kyle Burdick)

Jewett Hall – UMaine Augusta
46 University Dr
Augusta, Maine 04330