NESAF Grants are awarded periodically through an application and evaluation process. NESAF Chapters, Divisions and Student Chapters are eligible to apply for special project grants. These grants are funded through the NESAF Fund (Fund) which contains the principal consisting of $25,308 of the income from the 1995 National Convention, other additions, and gifts dedicated to the Fund. The NESAF Executive Committee has the discretion to add surplus operating funds, to the Fund principal, on a periodic basis, such as proceeds from the Annual Meeting Silent Auction/Raffle, with the intention to grow the principal and increase available earnings for grant requests

The NESAF Grants Program will fund approved projects developed for the following purposes: 

  • To educate NESAF’s many publics about professional forestry and;
  • To advance the role of the profession in society by promoting the role of foresters in forest resource management.


All divisions, chapters, student chapters, and NESAF sub-committees or working groups are eligible to apply. Creative and ambitious projects are encouraged. The NESAF Executive Committee (NESAF EC) reserves the right to reject any and all grant requests. Projects that are already completed are not eligible.

Grant Criteria

Grant applications submitted to the Executive Committee of NESAF will be evaluated based on how well the proposal meets the following criteria:

  • Grants will be awarded for public information or educational projects aimed at enhancing the public understanding of professional forestry and the forestry profession.
  • The project should have a focus on reaching out to the public and not be designed exclusively for the benefit of foresters and/or SAF members (e.g. not for technical sessions, student enclaves, or society meetings.)
  • Projects should have a strong plan to attract media attention.
  • The project must be primarily sponsored and organized by NESAF members and NESAF members should be involved.
  • Projects should have a regional influence or a plan to disseminate the lessons learned to NESAF members or other NESAF units.
  • Projects should leverage NESAF funds through in-kind and/or out-of-pocket contributions.
  • For leverage, items normally considered overhead and normal operating expenses will be allowed.
  • Special consideration will be given to projects which are new for the NESAF unit making the application, as opposed to a repetition of previous projects for which the unit has already received NESAF grant funds.
  • Requests will also be evaluated on the quality of the project with special attention paid to the goals and objectives of the project and the proposed time line.

Grant Application Process

Awarded Grants 2018

ProjectRegional Leadership Academy
Requesting Organization: NESAF
Project Coordinator: Kenneth M. Laustsen
Expected Date of Completion: December, 2018
Funding: $2100 approved at the January 16, 2018 E.C. meeting

Project: Using Geospatial Analysis to Map Forest Change in New Hampshire
Requesting Organization: Granite State Division
Project Coordinator: Dr. Andrew F. Howard, Science & Technology Chair, Granite State Division
Expected Completion: May 2019
Funding: $4500, approval letter dated June 22, 2018

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