Grant Application Process

Division, chapter, and student chapter proposals must be submitted by the Division Executive Committee to their State representative to the NESAF EC who will forward it to the Grants coordinator of the NESAF EC. Working groups and NESAF sub-committees must apply through the NESAF EC Chair. The coordinator will provide an initial screening of the proposal for completeness and resolution of proposal questions. Copies of the completed and screened proposal will be forwarded to all voting members of the NESAF EC for consideration.
Grant requests must be received in the form of a proposal outlining:

  • how the project meets the grant program purpose,
  • a full description of the project,
  •  the goals and objectives of the project including the expected results,
  • the audience of the project,
  • the methods to be used and the project time line,
  • the media involvement plan,
  • how the project will involve NESAF members,
  • the regional impact of the project,
  • the project budget of incomes and expenses including cash and in-kind contributions expected.

Submission Documents

Grant Request Timeline

Grant applications will only be considered once per year and are due to the NESAF Grants coordinator by December 1st (prior to the December meeting of the NESAF EC). The Grants Coordinator will review teh grant for completeness and completed applications will be forwarded to the NESAF EC for consideration at the first regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee following the New Year. The NESAF EC Chair will provide written notification of grant approvals within 2 weeks of the approval meeting. Grant receivers may request the full award within 4 weeks of grant approval by making a written request for disbursement to the NESAF Treasurer.

Approved grants will be available for up to two full years to the limit of the approved amount. Grants will terminate after this time unless the NESAF EC approves an extension of up to one additional year based on a written request justifying the need.

Partial project completion will result in a repayment request for the unused portion of the original grant amount based on the project budget.

Grant Reporting

Annual written progress reports are required on the anniversary of the grant award. Failure to submit the report and to follow the submitted timeline may result in termination of the grant and the request for the return of funds to NESAF. Reports will be reviewed to see that timelines are followed.

A final written report detailing the costs and accomplishments and including an evaluation of the results of the project must be submitted to the NESAF Grants coordinator upon completion. Reports may be brief and supporting exhibits are encouraged. The NESAF EC determines the acceptability of the project results and of the report and if repayment of funds is necessary.

Failure to submit required reports will influence the receipt of future awards.

Contact Us

To contact NESAF, please email the appropriate member of our Board of Directors. General questions can be directed to our Chair or the website administrator at


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